Succeeding in reading a non-fiction book when you don’t like reading

Most advice on how to overcome procrastination focuses on the surface of the problem without giving concrete solutions.

They put forward the logical reasons why reading is useful: intelligence, culture, discovery.

However, this is not enough, because the blockages are much deeper. They occur at the level of emotions, at the level of beliefs. Thus, procrastination with regard to reading is neither a problem of time management nor of organization.

To take action, we must attack the root of the problem

How do chronic procrastinators think?

When chronic procrastinators try to remedy their behavior, they constantly fail, because their natural behavior always resurfaces in the end.  They end up seeing themselves as incapable, unreliable people and lose all their  self-confidence.   To fully understand where these evils come from, it is necessary to grasp the mental schema of a chronic procrastinator.      …