What does Grillagemind mean?

“grid” for “network
“mind” for “spirit
Grillagemind therefore means “network of the mind”.
we think that our state of mind influences the way we perceive the world.
Everything that is likely to influence this state of mind helps to shape who we are, who we become, how we react.
This is why it is important to study in depth everything that, from near or far, without limitation of perspective, governs the mechanisms that underlie the behaviors we observe on the surface, in everyday life.

What is our mission?

Improve relationships with others and with oneself. Enable each person to find the right balance in order to aim for inner fulfillment. To connect people who have a great life experience with people who need down to earth solutions. To do this, we try to put forward, through the video, professions that lack visibility and that can help solve concrete problems of everyday life in the context in which they arise. It is a question of federating complementarity to apply it to the resolution of practical cases

Who am I?

While we were running in a park talking, my girlfriend at the time reminded me that I was talking more than I was acting. I was talking about big projects while my small projects of the moment
I was talking about big projects while my small projects of the moment were not progressing and this, for years.
On the one hand she was right. I was starting a lot of things that I didn’t finish and I was thinking in the long term without realizing anything in the short term. On the other hand, I felt
that she was also wrong. I had this little voice that kept reminding me of the need to tap into my potential and my ability to transcend myself to convert my vision into

During our discussion, his remarks had echoed my emotional wounds and had awakened an immense latent pain. This pain had connected me with my inner self, in the form of a powerful trigger that had made me aware of my deepest nature:
I was trying to fit into a mold that did not suit me. I was wearing a mask of a happy engineer with a job, but I was a frustrated, restricted, unfulfilled person and
and those around me were suffering greatly. This realization went much further, on a truth that I had previously
truth that I had ignored until then: Man has a multidimensional nature. He needs friends, family, etc.

However, he also needs to express who he really is, not what society wants him to be, not what the family wants him to be. Giving the opportunity to those parts of him that are not
to take shape, is an act of healing, which I associate with self-realization. The goal of Man is therefore
to search for the right balance at all times, in order to cross the desert towards his vision of self-realization without completely neglecting his surroundings.

This is how life redirected me to the path of entrepreneurship in the field of human resources. I became interested in everything that could lead to procrastination in different contexts of life where an imbalance was created.

Then I met some friends who wanted to join the adventure and Grillgemind was born.

Today, we work with various professionals (sophrologists, counsellors, psychologists, coaches) to bring you the necessary complementarity in the examination of your situation.

You may recognize some of them in some of the videos we present in the site according to the themes addressed.

Our method:

Our interventions integrate several fields of expertise to provide you with an answer adapted to your specific needs. Our method takes into account your short and long term needs. It is about removing your psychological brakes by integrating knowledge from various disciplines. It is about taking the positive aspects of different branches: self-knowledge, surpassing oneself, well-being, controlled risk-taking, entrepreneurship.

What are the issues we are addressing?

  • Fears
  • Caring communication
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Emotional Management
  • Emotional dependency
  • Concentration
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Perfectionism

How do we proceed when you arrive?

a) A diagnosis to identify your expectations

During this phase, we exchange with you to know a little more about you. Your background, your experiences, your difficulties, your desires, the vision of your change project, your assets and the actions you have taken to achieve your goals.

b) Designing an adapted course

The goal is to define efforts and actions to :

  • First, to free up your time
  • Secondly, to get to know your personality better in order to exploit your strengths and improve your weaknesses
  • Finally to set up a strategy to resolve the identified obstacles by relying on your mental, physical, emotional and intellectual strengths ….

c) Accompaniment in the execution of the course

This is the most important step for us, because many programs forget that the proposed solutions are not implemented because of the blockages that occur during the transition to action. 

For this you are redirected to a professional according to the blockage to be worked in priority. Then you come back and according to your evolution, you are redirected to another. And so on.

d) Progressive evaluation of changes via indicators

We define with you relevant indicators of progress that will allow you to measure the progress you make while specifying future actions. For us, the human being is at the center of everything. We intervene in all areas where procrastination can occur.

Team Grillagemind