journey for solving your chronic procrastination

Mistakes to avoid

One of the big mistakes that people do is they think chronic procrastination is a local problem. Instead, start with a global approach to diminish the impact.


  • This journey contains moves with one specific purpose. These moves contain stations that guide trough the execution process
  • These moves contain stations that guide trough the execution process
  • Each station lasts 3 weeks which 21 days. 

Move 1 :Learn to diagnose yourself

Station 1 : How much time do you waste doing nothing on a daily basis ?

What is the goal ?

The aim of this part is to reduce the damage. Once you become conscious that roughly speaking you are wasting 4 to 6 hours a day doing nothing, you won’t be the same.
Unless you really don’t care, this will indirectly make you feel guilty and trigger a desire to change at an emotional level.

Anytime you find yourself in a loop where you don’t know « what Can I do now » or « I don’t know if I should do x or Y or Z » do the first thing at hand.

From a local perspective you are still putting things off, but from a global perspective, you are moving forwards

What is the strategy to be applied  as a pre-decision ?

« As soon as a find myself doing nothing, daydreaming, i take action towards whatever in my short term memory »

  • Is there something I can now?
  • What is it?
  • Let’s go

It doesn’t matter if you fo

It doesn’t matter if you follow your plan or not. What matters is that globally speaking you take more actions than you dream about actions

Example :

In the Kitchen

As soon as I become aware I just spent some times daydreaming :

  • Is there something I can do now?
    • YES
  • What is it?
    • Reading one page of the book

In the toilet

As soon as I become aware I just spent a few minutes wondering :

  • Is there something I can do now?
    • YES
  • What is it?
    • Talking and rehearsing my pitch
    • Let‘s go
      • I start rehearsing
  • Let‘s go
    • I start to read one page and end jp reading 3 pages. And it disconnects me from my thinking process.

What are the tools you need ?

  1. Tools to prevent immediate block
    1. To prevent: visualization
    2. To cure: get out of overwhelming state
  2. Tools to track roughly :
  3. Tools to act unconsciously: keystone habit number 1: Sport

WHat is the output ?

Did you succeed to reduce the time you spent wandering by  factor of 2 ?

Station 2 : What are the 3emotional issues that burden you the most ?

What is the goal ?

Did you succeed to reduce the time you spent wandering by a factor of 2?

The psychological issues that trigger your procrastination behavior are interconnected .
There are few  more destructive than others since they create much

The purpose of this section is to help you to spot those critical  emotional roots.

What is the strategy to be applied  as a pre-decision ?

« Any time I find my self hesitating doing something twice in a row, I will either record it or dissect it now »

What are the tools you need ?

  • What are the thoughts that gravitate when I think of doing these tasks?
  1. Tools to record your thought
    1. Notebook you can carry within your pocket
  2. Tool to deepen your investigation
    • Passive content to remove reduce inertia
    • Free writing to remove
    • Internal dialog to test hypothesis
    • list of classic burden to compare with your own case
  3. Tool  to increase your awareness range : Meditation
    1. Learn to slow your breath ( triggering)

What is the output expected ?

What are you most afraid of ?



Last year my a friend of mine suggested I.started a blog post. He even managed to put everything into place so that I just had to write and publish my articles.

A few weeks later, I hadn’t written anything.

So I started suspecting something was going on underneath but I didn’t know what.

At first, I suspected, it was because Worpress was new and I wasn’t comfortable with it.

My first hypothesis was: fear of hard work due to the learning curve

I look at a few videos about how to publish articles on WordPress, i wrote blog posts with specific guidelines. Finally, I had the courage to write my first article.

Howver.i was surprised I still have a huge.orssure to click on publish »

That when I came to the realization,.i was afraid of been exposed, i was afraid of being criticized, I was afraid of being.rejected.

And the internet was the opportunity for millions of people to criticize me.

My desire to please and my fear of rejection was. my number emotional.root for inertia to taking action.

Later anytime I feel something is preventing me to take action whose goal is to share something ( prospection, sending the document, public speaking, salary negotiation, answering No, ) my first hypothesis is to suspect and address perfectionism.died to fear of rejection.

It holds me back, when. I start, fin

And I see how profound it removes pressure from your shoulder that it suffices to take action?



At.station 2 you continue to do all the actions you did at stations 1.

You continue to do sport ( automating process)

You continue to reduce the

Now it will require you less will.poxer to process station 1 action steps.

If you practice and want to know what the next stations or moves are, ask to [email protected]



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