What’s an efficient way to overcome procrastination?


As a master chronic procrastinator, The most efficient way to solve all your procrastination issues from a long term perspective is to build and maintain only one habit: MEDITATION.

Here are four fundamental reasons why:

  1. meditation will teach you how to disconnect from events
  2. Meditation will teach you how to connect to events
  3. Meditation will increase your awareness’s range
  4. Meditation will increase your inner energy

Event means: past and future projections, thoughts/ ideas, actions, discussions with others

1/ meditation will teach you how to disconnect from events

  • That manifests under the form of an increased ability to let go.
  • You will notice how easier it becomes to “sacrifice” ideas, get out from your thinking and become careless of what others people
  • This is particularly helpful for master procrastinators who never finish what they started because of too much creativity, perfectionism.

2/ Meditation will teach you how to connect to events :

  • That manifests under the form of an increased willpower, focus and concentration.
  • You will notice How easier it becomes to decide, engage into action and “stay In” for a long time.
  • It helps especially if you are a master procrastinator who struggles with Attention deficit disorder like I do.

3/ Meditation will increase your awareness range

  • That manifests under the form an increased Pattern recognition capability and short term memory.
  • You will be surprised how quickly you can identify your mental loops/ traps and how easier you remember mundane task paperwork/ you haven’t taken a look for a while.
  • It helps especially if you are procrastinator who struggles with daydreaming and disorganization like I do.

4/ Meditation will increase your inner energy

  • That manifests under the form a convergence of positive events. And I call this unconscious tracking. Simply put, you think about something, It sucks because you don’t want or don’t know how to get to your desired outcome, you forget it temporary and one day things suddenly happen without any planning.
  • You will be surprised how easier god ideas surface effortlessly
  • It helps especially if you are a procrastinator who struggle with planning and tracking.

5/ How Can you experience little results of meditation quickly?

  • It is something to know that meditation will help you, It is something else to practice it especially if you are too skeptic like I was.
  • As master procrastinators, we are very impatient. Thus, it is important to avoid a program that promises you first result in 3 months. We are brutal honest with ourselves to know we are not consistent enough to get to that point yet.
  • So the faster you can experience little results meditation can provide you with, the more you will be willing to continue and discover its other long term benefits.


Step 1: remove your invisible inner resistance to meditation : Day 1–5

  • During this time, you don’t actually meditate, you do only passive actions related to meditation. That will progressively condition your unconscious mind to “accept “ the ideas of meditating.
  • Example: reading blogs posts, looking at YouTube video, listing to podcast ( Day 1–3 days)
  • Afterwards, you can begin with simple actions that will trigger meditation like visualization and drawing ( Day 4 -5).
  • Imagine a scenario where you are in a quiet place at home, closing your eyes with earplugs, with phone off, with your body relaxed….
  • Draw a weird picture of you meditating and put in on the wall directly in front of your bed.

Step 2: start with a frequency of 3 sessions a day with duration of 5 min per session (Day 6 – 9)

  • During these sessions, please do not try to focus. It is difficult to focus on your breath or anything else as a starting point.
  • Let your mind wander and don’t stand up before the 5 min. Is it uncomfortable? Yes it is. And it is good because it shows the process is working.
  • Before you start any session, spend 2 -3 min to relax your body especially your tongue.

6/ Final thoughts

  • These Two steps last 10 days. It seems easy but there are intensive and progressive. By the end of the 10 days you will have already experienced some benefit I mentioned before.
  • There is no point to think about the long term if you can’t make the short term happen.
  • I challenge you to start doing these simple exercises today.


A Master procrastinator who chose to execute on its dreams because of frustration and self-criticism.

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  1. I had the chance to be introduced to cardiac coherence (5 minutes, 3 times a day) with my company. The benefits of cardiac coherence are many, including reduced stress, increased concentration.
    Interesting !!!

    1. great. do you still continue to practice cardiac coherence on a daily basis?

  2. before medidating i was thinking that i didn’t need it and i will not be able to do it . It’s very useful, sometimes i do it i need to progress for dealy

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