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What is your work schedule?

When it comes down to building an organizational system in a cohesive and progressive way, We learned that our first move should be to define our strategy. Afterward the second should be to set up Deep work sessions to process priorities n°1. However, there is plenty of other stuff going on in our life which impacts how we feel. So when you are still in a process of building your system, you won’t be able to achieve meaningful work during deep work sessions unless the mundane is addressed.

I have to read an absolute boatload of papers. I procrastinate starting and have trouble staying on task because I care so little about the topics.

” How do you differentiate from getting things done“, my mentor asked.  What?  “You know, the famous bestseller author about how to organize yourself”  He continued. I rambled.  I  could see in his face he wasn’t convinced at all. From that point,  the message was clear.  I needed to read this book and additional cross-functional topics provide him feedback. So I ordered some books on Amazon and received…